Once upon a time, there was a mysterious castle that is full of magic 🪄 There were a lot of surprises inside but no one knows what it was..

Sounds like a fairy tale story right?

All kids love fairy tale stories. Imagine being a princess & owning a beautiful castle 🏰 It’s really wonderful ✨

So..let’s bring all the magical and wonderful experiences to your kids 🪄

Grab our Surprise Princess Magic Box & let your kids start their own fairy tale story 💫

👑 Be your own princess

👑 Create your own fairy tale

👑 Increase your children’s imagination

✅ Size: 8cm x 12.5cm x 10.5cm

✅ Includes :

– Mysteries doll

– Random accessories (Example : Bottle, shoes, glasses, comb, outfit, magnifying glass, bracelet & more)

– Notes

Find your princess & start a wonderful journey together 🌟

Grab yours now!!

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It is suitable for preschool children to develop memory skills, logical thinking & improve reaction speed. It is designed to develop critical thinking skills & make the activity fun and challenging. The game will improve language skills through fun and fast games.

The packing list includes :

6 double-sided cards

96 tiles

Card dealer

Suitable for parents & children to play together. Also, it is suitable for children 3 years old & above.

Size : 18.5cm x 15.5cm

Grab now for RM30.00!


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